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OOC: Deaf Notes

Since there's been some questions about how Jared works in the game, I thought I'd put up a bit of an FAQ.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

How he 'hears' what's going on across the comms- I've seen a character record their audio into text somewhere sometime on the boat, so it made sense to me that if you can do that for your own audio, you can probably do it for other's audio too. A lot of things get lost in text, so he won't respond to some background noises or tones of voice. Also, he'll mispronounce words with weird spelling that he doesn't know.

How he 'hears' what's going on in commentlogs- He is an extremely talented lip reader, a sort of side effect from when that wizard sapped his hearing. Of course, he has to be looking at someone's face to see what they're saying, so if Jared can't see their mouth for any reason, he won't catch it.

Jared and my char are biffles! Why's he being so mean?- One of the things that gets lost in text is who he's talking to. Unless your character has a very distinct way of speaking or if they bring up something to obviously indicate who they are, Jared will be completely neutral in the conversation.

How can Jared understand Moonspeak (or, y'know, whatever language it is)?- Since he's running everything through text, it's getting automatically translated by the communicator. Please call him on it, it'll be totally fun. He'll be awkward and everything...

Dai, you never tell us if he's using audio or text stop slacking >:| - Gah, I'm sorry D: I thought audio was the default and you only put [text] if you were using text. I'll start differentiating, but just for the record, Jared is unlikely to ever use text unless he has to.

Anything else I should add?

I'm usually available through AIM as daishutian, so don't hesitate to ask me anything about whatever.
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